Production Sprint 2 Week 1 - Need to pick up the pace

Finally, we have a new working build!

The progress this week was predominantly focused on resolving bugs that were impacting previous versions greatly - they were causing major crashes, glitches and performance issues. The good news is that those bugs were mostly taken care of and the performance issues were also improved!

In terms of mechanics, this week the pickups (that were created but weren't spawning in the game) are finally in the game and working! The boosts/harm they create are also working. Lights and more environmental assets were added in the level generation, as well as the animations of two of the characters! The Artists mostly worked on getting the hang of the animations and setting them up, on the rigs of other characters, as well as on some particle FX.

The animated characters (stills):

Some animations testing:


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Apr 02, 2019

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