Polish Week 3 - Final Update!

Final Devlog before the completion of the game! Let's go over how we polished it during the past week:


On the programming side, we did a lot of playtesting to try and discover as many bugs as possible. A lot of these included some ability and pickup ones:

  • Previously, the Golem Character wasn't really doing much to influence the gameplay - he was just knocking away the environment but not really influencing the characters, apart from causing general chaos. Now our programmers made so that he knocks the players back as soon as he collides with them, so he gains a small advantage. Also his ability used to last way too long, so we balanced that out according to the other characters and now he isn't so overpowered.
  • When it comes to the Shapeshifter character, he used to be able to use the balloon pickup while using his transformation ability, He is now unable to do this.
  • The Rogue ability was refined, so the particle spawned really does hide the other chosen player, causing general confusion.

A few player feedback features were implemented as well, like a screen shake every time the a boulder destroys the ground, as well as a controller rumble when tiles collapse.

Our programmers also added all the sounds and particles where they needed to be, like the new Dust particle falling from the ceiling around a boulder, and the Bubble particle to show which player is drunk from the Trickster's ability. 


One of the artists created an outline effect for the abilities that require the player to select another player (the Trickster's and the Rogue's, corresponding with fitting colours - green for the Trickster and orange for the Rogue). This function is shown below, with the ability of the Rogue character.

The same artist also added to the pickup shader a cool effect when they spawn - the kind of dissolve into the space, instead of spawning out of thin air. Shown in the gif below for a brief second, with the Dash pickup:

For polishing the visuals additionally, a subtle collapsing dust particle was created to accompany the boulder falling from the ceiling, destroying the tiles, shown for a brief second here:

All sounds were made and integrated within the game by one of our artists.

We also added two HUD elements explaining the controls and the pickups, since in playtesting players weren't always sure about the controls, or what the pickups did and how to use them.

Aaaand we have a trailer now!

Making this game was a fantastic learning experience and was super fun! We hope you like it!

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