Production Sprint 2 Week 2 - Progress

We had a long vacation and were able to get quite a lot of work done!


Our programmers implemented most of the features of our game in the last couple of weeks! Those include:

  • The spawning and functionality of all the pickups
  • The generation of obstacles in the level
    • Holes in the ground, collapsed walls, columns:
  • The ability of one of the characters
    • Transformation into a raven for the Shapeshifter
  • Catch up "rubberbanding" mechanic
    • This mechanic allows the player that is most behind to catch up to the players in the front by giving a small speed boost. Example:

The implementing of those features drastically changed the feel and dynamics of the game - they made it significantly more challenging and fun!


The artists took care of the majority of the animations, with just a few remaining to be created:

  • Including run cycles, jump loops, ability cast animations, idles, a raven flight cycle and other specific ones:

Character icons for the start of the game + for the in-game HUD were also created:

A lot of non-visual tech-art was also taken care of, like animation blueprints, UI functionality, fine-tuning materials and post process volumes.

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